Amazing tricks to Shred away Stubborn Fat

Amazing tricks to Shred away Stubborn Fat

lose weight and shred away fat, have ripped body

Do you want to get ripped? Always wonder how to get lose weight fast? Although it seems impossible sometimes but it is really not if you follow few easy simple steps. Go through this process and get that lean body you always wanted.  


Early morning exercise on an empty tummy

Morning Run in the park USA UK Australia and New zealand

Studies have proved that exercising in the morning on an empty tummy increases the fat burning process and melts away the stubborn fat which is really difficult to melt. We all know how hard it is to wake up in the morning even for work and then if asked to do exercise on an completely empty stomach it is a complete no no!

Minimum of 30 minutes of simple walking, jogging and jump rope with an empty rumbling stomach can do miracles. Try it and let us know your progress. Whether you live in New York , London, Sydney, Dubai or Auckland you can visit your nearest public parks and do these simple exercises.

Some of the famous parks listed below

  • Henderson Park, Long Bay Regional Park in Auckland New Zealand  
  • Hyde Park, Sydney Park in Sydney Australia
  • Hyde Park, The Regent’s Park, Victoria Park in London United Kingdom
  • Thomas Jefferson Park, Highbridge Park, Washington Market Park in New York USA
  • Jumeirah Beach Park, Safa Park, Burj Arab Park in Dubai UAE

Go ahead and try out this amazing exercise in the early morning and get the body of your dreams.


Low Carbohydrate Diet

 low carb food, eat less carb to lose weight

Exercise with a controlled diet is the key to weight lose success. There are many people who work out really hard on daily basis, but don’t see the progress. This is because of not having a diet to support the weight lose program. It is a no-brainer when you see someone working out hard and then end up having a plate full of fat, carbohydrates and sugar.  

Slowly and gradually decreasing your carbohydrate intake will help you in losing weight in the long run. Dropping the Carbs intake to zero will help in shredding fat quickly and effectively.

Make sure to drop the intake gradually e.g. 20 to 25 grams per day so that the body can adjust to the dropping rate and lose weight at the same time.    


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Share your progress with us all 

Keep losing keep winning !

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